effects of short and long term laser hair removal

Effects of short and long term laser hair removal procedure

The laser hair removal procedure is one of the safest and most advanced forms of hair removal solution available currently. Shaving and waxing should be performed regularly to ensure that hair is removed but laser, on the other hand, is highly effective in long term hair reduction.

Smooth hairless skin can be obtained with the use of an advanced laser hair removal technique. The melanin pigment in the hair follicle is targeted through a laser beam of light, to destroy it. 

Laser Hair Removal – Procedure Brief

Around 70 – 80% of the hair follicles get destroyed and the remaining get damaged, which is the common outcome we can expect out of a laser hair removal procedure. Even the remaining 20 to 30% of the damaged hair follicles do not cause any issues because mostly, hair won’t grow for a long-time from these follicles and even the few that grow are thinner and hardly noticeable.

In a single session of laser hair removal, multiple hair follicles are targeted at once, making the process much more effective. This is a targeted treatment so you could remove hair from a particular section of your body.

The cost of laser hair removal varies for the area of treatment. Some of the common laser hair removal packages offered include full face, underarms, upper body, regular bikini, Brazilian, half legs, full body, and unlimited packages. Let us examine the short and long-term effects of laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Short Term Effects

Laser hair removal originally was designed  for by lighter skin tones because of the highly effective outcomes. Modern laser technological advancements, specifically YAG 1064nm lasers,  have made it effective and accessible for darker skin tones too but they do require additional laser treatment sessions compared to lighter skin tones.

People who have darker hair on lighter skin can expect exceptional results from the treatment in the short term. If you are lucky, you’d be able to remove your hair using laser hair removal fairly quickly and get the best results in the short term.

One of the most noticeable effects of laser hair removal in the short term is sun sensitivity. Immediately after the laser hair removal procedure, the section of your skin that is subjected to the procedure becomes highly sensitive to UV rays for a short time. Doctors would highly recommend you keep the area away from direct sunlight for at least three days to two weeks, depending on the type of laser used.

In the short term, you should provide adequate time for your skin to heal. When you are scheduling your laser hair removal sessions, make sure to plan them according to your personal and work schedule.

Some of you might experience short-term discomfort, which should go away after a few hours or days. Your body takes time to adjust itself to the whole process, which is why you might experience short-term discomfort, which should go away quickly.

Skin redness and irritation may be experienced by some individuals after the treatment but these are only temporary. Doctors recommend soothing creams and lotions, such as aloe vera, to help the skin heal from such short-term effects.

Long Term Effects

Long-term effects of a laser hair removal procedure should be evident. In some cases, where the success rate was around 70 or 80%, the hair would be barely visible. 

For some, minor hair regrowth can be experienced too. In such cases, a spot laser hair removal procedure would be recommended by the doctor or technician, which can help remove stubborn hair from that part of the body.

One of the most noticeable long-term effects of laser hair removal is hair reduction. Depending on the skin tone, hair type, and medical condition of the individual, they could either experience complete hair reduction or almost complete hair reduction in the long term.

Another major effect you’d recognize in the long term is finer hair regrowth. After completing all the sessions of your laser hair removal plan, you’d not find any hair regrowth in the short term. In the long run, you might see finer hair regrowth that is almost invisible to the naked eye. They can then be removed with recommended maintenance laser treatment sessions, 2-3x per year. The maintenance sessions also treat newly activated hair follicles that produce hair to prevent the build-up of new hair over time. 

In the long term, the finer or thinner hair that regrows would be softer and smoother. The region where the hair starts to regrow would also be gentle and less robust compared to before. In the long term, you’d not experience any discomfort with all those unwanted hairs.


The short and long-term effects of laser hair removal we have discussed above might not affect everyone. The reaction of the laser hair removal treatment is unique for everyone. Make sure to discuss your medical history and current medical condition with the doctor before starting the procedure. Based on your skin and hair condition, the doctor or technician might adjust the intensity of the laser light administered.


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